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These are my rates. The amount should be given to me within ten minutes of our meeting. The rates are fixed, if you feel they are too expensive, or outside your budget, please seek another Lady, and do not embarrass me by asking for a discount

Long time rates are available also. Example  48 Hours  28,000 Baht.   72 Hours 38,000 Baht.  10,000 Per additional days.

I can see couples. Simply add 2000 to the rate.

Use the contact details to ask me about 3 somes with one of my friends

Keep an eye open for my special offers, where I try to offer something a bit different



Rate Length Service Details
4000 Baht 1hr Outcalls
5000 Baht 2hrs Outcalls
6000 Baht 3hrs Outcalls
9000 Baht 6hrs Outcalls
10000 Baht 12hrs Outcalls
16000 Baht 24hrs Outcalls